Sterling silver ring (texture and patina). (Code: ART B2)

ART LIFE ring, Silver and patina.
It´s a Madirolas Jewels 3D Design. Creativity and design in each of our pieces.
ART LIFE collection....natural forms.
It´s made out of sterling silver and patina finish.
Technical elaboration: First the Idea. Drawings on paper and Geometrical development on 3D. stl file, Prototyping.
Casting of the silver piece. Patina finish using the techniques of the craftsman jeweler.
Ring base: silver 925 (apróx. 6,450 grs.). Specify your size.
Consult our pdf file for calculating the size.
Specify commentaries and any other characteristic in details.
All works of MADIROLAS JEWELS are presented in custom boxes, adding a unique touch to a design gift.

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Old price 40.00 EUR
Price: 32.00 EUR
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