Contemporary earrings. (Code: LZ 17.1)

LIGHTNESS LZ earrings.... from the delicacy to the sublime.
Handmade gold and sterling silver earrings. Creativity and design in each of our pieces .
Feathers,leaves and details to look on a special night.
The initial idea of the collection, came models with different types of paper, playing with colors and textures.
Concept of light, air, dynamic and simple at the time.
Total weight of the earrings: 1.750grs. ( gold 18k 0.750grs. and sterling silver base 1.00grs)
All of "madirolas" jewels are presented in custom boxes, adding a unique touch to a design gift.
Please fill in the "Details" for any characteristic you want to specify.

Price: 85.00 EUR
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